why branding is like growing bamboo

Why branding is like growing bamboo

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Most people know that bamboo grows really fast, but what most don’t know about bamboo is that it takes a really long time before the growth starts. Bamboo requires consistent care despite showing no results in the beginning. But once the growth starts, bamboo grows and expands its presence very rapidly.

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See when you plant bamboo, the majority of the growth takes place underground. Looking at the bamboo plant, you would think nothing is happening. Bamboo builds a foundation of roots to support the new growth that will take place in the first Spring after planting.

For a whole year, you have to tend to the bamboo and take care of it without seeing any results. When the first growth happens in the Spring, the bamboo shoots can grow four feet per day. And they grow for 60-days and then they stop. Then the cycle starts over.

But here is the other interesting thing about bamboo. 

The new shoots grow using the energy of the existing shoots. So they can only grow as much as the existing smaller shoots can support. This means that the growth compounds every year and the bamboo cannot reach its full potential without going through the smaller growth stages. Over time, the bamboo grows more shoots and much larger shoots, seemingly experiencing rapid growth to the unknowing eye.

Branding is a lot like bamboo. Businesses must first put the brand identity and experience in place. Branding is not advertising and promotion—it is a process of ensuring that every experience your customers have is consistent. It requires persistence and commitment, despite not producing immediate results. 

It takes time to get the brand noticed and have customers experience what makes your business unique. But with each new customer and every fan you create, they tell more people about your brand. More people are paying attention to you and you experience a groundswell of growth.

But remember, just like the bamboo, it takes consistency and you have to tend to your brand before you start to see the growth. Stay steadfast in your efforts. At times, you will feel the urge to cut corners. It will be easier to do something faster and cheaper. Maybe you just want to get it done and out the door. Resist this urge.

When you remain consistent and committed to developing your brand, the results are sure to follow. And those results drive compound growth long-term.

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