Spend your weeks on the golf course because your business is growing on autopilot

There you are, lying in your bed, eyes wide awake, staring frantically at the ceiling. Your spouse is sleeping sound asleep, but not you.

All of these thoughts are running through your head:

“How are we going to get more customers?”

“How can we get more sales?”

“Why aren’t my employees as passionate as I am?”

“What if I lose my best employee?”

“Should I pay him/her more?”

“Can I afford to pay him/her more?”

“How can we get more sales so I can pay him/her more?”

“When am I going to get paid more?”

The clock hits 2:00am and you haven’t slept a wink.


Most business owners just want more freedom.

Freedom from their business.

Freedom to spend time with their family.

Freedom to go play golf whenever they want.

And not have to worry about their business.

If you are like most frustrated business owners who are at their wits end with growing their business and holding together their distracted, disengaged team, then pay attention.

This detailed article will be the most important thing your read today. 

Turn off ESPN and CNBC, and ignore your emails for the next 14 minutes.

By the end of this article, you will know more than most business owners ever attempt to learn about creating real wealth and freedom.

In fact, this article will even reveal how you can sell your business for more money.

So pay attention and grab a pen a paper. This isn’t your average blog article about your spirit animal.

This article is about you getting freedom and wealth from your business.

Savvy entrepreneurs know that in order to build long-lasting, durable businesses, they must build a brand–not just a business. No matter what industry, your brand is what differentiates you from the noise and makes you dramatically more profitable.

No, your brand isn’t just your logo, business card, or the sign hanging outside, although it does help to have those things and make sure they are professionally designed.

Branding is a long-term endeavor and it is the best way to ensure you get rich for sure. Think about your favorite brands. Whether consumer brands like Nike, Starbucks, Lululemon, Peloton, or B2B brands like Salesforce, Hubspot, Twilio, Mailchimp, Quickbooks, or Asana.

All of those companies have separated themselves from their competition by consistently focusing on building their brand, messaging, customer experience, and marketing. 

While we look at them today as these enormous companies, remember, they all started out with just one person (maybe two or three people in some cases).

They each made a decision from the beginning that their products, services, vision, and mission all stood for something greater.

A hardworking, visionary business owner like yourself has the potential to build the next big brand. 

When given the right resources, you can follow the same framework to build a valuable enduring business that will have customers lined up to buy from you and rave about your business.


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Unless you have tons of resources, time, and money, building a brand can be a challenge. To do it yourself, you would need to study marketing, branding, brand strategy, design, advertising, psychology, consumer behavior, lead generation, lead nurturing, conversion optimization, and many other nuances of building a profitable brand.

If you have time, then learning those invaluable skills is definitely something you should do. Having those money-making skills will allow you to not just grow your business but anyone’s business. There are entire industries within each of those niches–hundreds even thousands of companies that specialize in each of those areas of practice.

If you don’t have the time to learn all of those, your next option is to hire someone who does. The person you will be looking for will have 10+  years of experience in running marketing for small to medium-sized businesses. This person is typically a Chief Marketing Officer or a Vice President of Marketing. And that person will actually require a team of people to implement the required strategy. Sometimes they will hire their team internally and other times they will hire vendors to handle all or parts of the strategy.

One common challenge marketers and business owners face when working with numerous vendors is the immense lack of alignment and communication between the vendors. This is because they view each other as competition and they tend to not feel comfortable showing their cards to each other.

If you choose to go this path, you better prepare to open up your checkbook. Your marketing person is going to expect a costly salary in addition to the sky-high fees of the various vendors they bring to the table.

If neither of those two options work for your circumstances, the next option is to hire someone that has less experience and is hungry to cut his/her teeth building your brand. This person can have anywhere from 1-5 years of experience in marketing and has dabbled in various areas. This person will cost much less and can take on a lot of the responsibilities himself/herself.

They will use your business as a testing ground for experiments and learning what works and what doesn’t. Many times, their efforts may produce no results at all, but at least they will know not to try that again. Trial and error will pave the way for your brand.

The last option is to work with one company that has experience building brands of all shapes and sizes. You can work with them as your fractional CMO and leverage their deep expertise in building profitable brands consistently and continuously.

This partner will have a proven framework they follow, one that they have tested over years of working with other companies. You will get the benefit of knowing that they have a roadmap you can follow that is sure to get you to your destination.

This is the path most widely chosen by aspiring and savvy entrepreneurs.

A bulletproof framework for building your profitable brand should have defined steps or phases with clear actions to take along the way. This framework should be as simple as following a set of Lego instructions.

If the framework is too complex or overly difficult, odds are that it’s not going work because it will take too long to work through and won’t be able to scale with your business.

Inversely, if it’s too simple and doesn’t have prescribed workshops or exercises to capture important information needed, then it won’t be successful either because it won’t build an emotional connection with your target audience.

A great framework will guide you to build a magnetic brand. One that attracts your target audience using highly-effective messaging that grabs people’s attention and draws them into your products and services.

We developed the Magnetic Branding Framework that includes over 40 checkpoints to ensure that every aspect of your brand is designed and constructed to attract more customers, boost engagement, and drive actual sales to your business.

When you use our framework, you gain clarity on your company’s vision, purpose, and overall brand strategy, which sets the foundation for the growth of your brand.

But it doesn’t stop there.

You get a partner to walk alongside you on the treacherous journey of entrepreneurship to ensure you don’t step on the plentiful land mines that most certainly await.

And while we optimize every aspect of your business to attract more customers, boost sales, and create raving fans, more importantly, we help you create a brand culture that motivates and excites your employees.

Your team will clearly see your vision and mission and they will understand how they fit into the future of your company. They will have a true sense of belonging, which means they too will be vested in the success of your company.

The path to profit, exponential wealth, and freedom is a magnetic brand

Most business owners know that a magnetic brand is good to have and that it can help make their business much more profitable, but the real secret of a valuable brand isn’t just the profit.

The real value is the exit.

This is where you make legacy wealth that is life-changing. If you want to learn how to get super rich, keep reading.

Ultimately, you want to stop working at some point, right? Start planning your days on those lush, manicured golf courses on warm sunny days. Maybe plan that month-long European trip you and your spouse have been talking about for years.

Here’s how you can turn your lofty dreams into tomorrow’s reality.

Your goal is to exit your business, whether through acquisition, sale, or merger. When this time comes (and it will) you want to stack the cards in your favor. You want to make sure that you get the highest multiple for your business.

How do you get the highest multiple for your business?

You build a business that has more value. In addition to a healthy bottom line, you need something that makes your company worth more than just the current earnings. Something that makes the future value greater and more desirable. You want to guarantee that your business will endure time and that demand is always growing.

To achieve this, you need a brand that is highly sought after, in high demand, and, in short, magnetic.

If you have time, you can read a previous article we wrote about how a small brand called Craftsman sold for $700 million with nearly zero future sales projected due to its exclusive distribution through a failing retailer called Sears.

Brand matters and brand will determine how attractive your business is to acquirers AND how valuable it is. If you’ve been a brand that has a strong following, allows for premium pricing, and offers expansion opportunities, then people will be willing to pay more for your business.

Not convinced?

Consider the opportunities for partnerships with other brands, licensing opportunities, coaching and consulting to peer businesses, brand collaborations, expansion of product mix, and introduction of new service lines. The opportunities are endless, but they all depend on your brand being recognizable, popular, and magnetic.

Now the only question that is probably living rent-free in your head is when is the right time to start building your magnetic brand?

There is never going to be a “right time”. There is only time. Now is the time.

It’s starting right now. Everything that you do currently is either building your brand or it isn’t. Every experience a customer has is either building the brand or it isn’t. Every message, ad, marketing material, and impression is either building your brand or it isn’t.

You can start by taking one small action today. If you don’t start today, when will you?

The way most business owners get started is by creating a plan. It is important to have a roadmap or blueprint to follow so you don’t get lost along the way. A blueprint gives you clarity on the exact things you need to focus on and in what order.
Some business owners attempt to guess what they need to do. This is foolish—if they knew what to do, they would have already done it. They need outside counsel that can see the blind spots. Most business owners are caught in the weeds of their business and can’t see the gaps that exist. Engaging a third-party consultant can help you see things differently.
This alone can save you (and your team) hours of time and wasted effort trying to fix things that aren’t necessarily broken.
In the last eight years of working with hundreds of businesses, the way we have always recommended business owners get started is with a Growth Blueprint. This gives you a clear evaluation of what is working, what isn’t, and where effort needs to be focused in order to drive massive results for your business.
So if you think you are ready to experience the freedom of putting your business on a path to consistent self-sustaining profitable growth, take action today. You can start building your magnetic brand that positions your company as the leader and start attracting customers who are begging to do business with you.

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If you have made it this far in the article and haven’t clicked the link above, then that tells me one of two things:
  1. You are not interested in growing your business and building a brand that can give you freedom and set you up for legacy wealth.
  2. You don’t believe that this approach can help you grow your business and give you a path to legacy wealth.

If #2, consider this…

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee on our Growth Blueprint. 


Three reasons:

  1. We have 100% confidence in our ability to identify gaps and opportunities in ANY business
  2. We know for certain that the Growth Blueprint and our Magnetic Branding Framework work for ANY business in ANY industry
  3. We have never had anyone ask for their money back


Still not convinced?

Look, we get it. Change is scary. Growth is scary. It’s not easy to do the things required to achieve the highest level.

And that level of commitment isn’t for everyone.

But here is the one thing we can guarantee (other than our Growth Blueprint).

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

If you don’t want anything to change in your business, the simplest thing you can do is nothing.

But if you want to achieve more,  more for your employees, more for your family, more for you, then something will have to change at some point.

The sooner something changes, the sooner you see results.

How soon do you want to see the results?

I wish I knew what I know now when I first became an entrepreneur. I wish someone gave me a guide to follow so I didn’t have to guess and waste THOUSANDS of dollars trying things that did not work.

That is what we are offering to you today. A guide to save you thousands of dollars on “trying things”.

When you are ready to get clarity on your vision, confidence in your plan, and a good night’s sleep, use the link below to apply for your risk-free Growth Blueprint.

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