Congratulations on accessing our messaging frameworks. These two frameworks will provide you with the tools you need to create MONTHS of content (maybe a full year).

Use these frameworks as guides to turn big topics into individual, engaging pieces of content. If you get stuck, feel free to reach out and we can help you figure out how to use these to convert your knowledge and expertise into content.

Before you begin, I want to offer you the most important advice you need as you begin to develop content.

You want all of your content to be customer-focused. Meaning you should only be talking about things your customers want or challenges and pains they face.

Nearly every message should start with “you” or qualify the ready with a question, such as “do you find it confusing to ________?”

I recommend starting by listing out as many answers as you can think of for these two questions:

What do your customers want?

What challenges do they have?

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Magnetic Messaging Framework

The Magnetic Messaging Framework helps you communicate your knowledge in an engaging, unique, and structured way.

Simply reframing the way you deliver the information helps your target audience think on a deeper level about your message.

You want to try to focus all of the messages around the area in which you can help your target audience. There may be numerous sub-sections, but you want to try to keep all of the messages in the same domain.

Content Flywheel

The Content Flywheel helps you break down big topics into smaller pieces of content.

The first step is to write the main topic. This could be something like taxes, websites, fashion, or whatever is relevant to your area of expertise.

Next, you want to identify the sub-topics of the main topic. So taking the taxes example, you could break that down into personal income taxes, S-corp, C-corp, and other types of taxes.

Now you want to take each of those sub-topics and list out common things you hear from customers in regards to:

  • Misconceptions
  • Process questions
  • General questions
  • Stories of examples
  • Unique insights
  • Common mistakes


Do this for each sub-topic and those become your list of pieces of content to cover.

One thing to note here is that you can leverage the existing knowledge that you have. You do not need to go do in-depth research for your content to be valuable. 

Remember, you already know more about this than your prospects. That’s why you are the expert. And by publishing your knowledge at scale, it positions you as an expert with deep knowledge.

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