How to write an elevator pitch

Want to learn how to write an elevator pitch? It can be tough to tell people what you do in a succinct and effective manner. Most of the time we default to something so vague and generic that it doesn’t really mean anything. In this article, I’m going to share with you a process that will teach you how to write an elevator pitch you can use anywhere.

This framework is the exact same one we use with our clients, and it is guaranteed to help you communicate what you do in a more effective manner.

We have boiled it down to a simple 9-step process that any business can use, including yours. 

If people can't understand your value, they can't buy from you.

In this article, we are going to walk through an example of using this framework for a financial advisor. If you’re a financial advisor, then the job is already done for you after this. 😄

Step 1. What do they want?

The first step in learning how to write an elevator pitch is understanding what your audience wants. When you understand what your customer wants, you can begin to speak directly to them. 

People don't buy products and services. They buy solutions.

Phrase it in their words. This should be super simple. Don’t overcomplicate it and fluff it up with jargon because that’s not how they talk to themselves. 

How do they talk to their spouse in bed? 


  • A clear plan for retirement
  • Financial freedom
  • Someone they can trust

Step 2. What is stopping them?

Now that we know what they want, we need to look at what is stopping them from getting what they want. The truth is, if there wasn’t something stopping them, then they would already have what they want.

Again, think in terms of your customer’s words. How would they explain what is keeping them from getting to their goals?


  • Don’t have time to learn everything
  • Don’t know what is right
  • Don’t know where to look
  • Can’t trust anyone

Step 3. How does this make them feel?

When your customer can’t get something they want, this creates negative internal feelings. This is why they want to solve this problem—to alleviate these emotions.

How does your customer feel when he/she doesn’t have a retirement plan, isn’t working with someone they trust and is unable to reach financial freedom?


  • Frustrated
  • Worried
  • Confused

Step 4. Show empathy.

Now it is time for you to recognize these struggles and introduce yourself as the solution. The first step in this process is to empathize with your prospect.

You must show that you understand what he/she is going through and empathize with their pain and struggle.


  • I understand
  • I have worked with many people just like you
  • I was in your same shoes when I first started

Step 5. Show authority.

Next, you are going to show why you have authority in the space. This is going to position you as the solution to their problem.

These are things that typically can be found on your resume. It can be how long you have been doing this, the number of people helped, results, awards, and so on.


  • I have been a financial advisor for over 10 years
  • I have worked with over 100 clients to help them develop a bulletproof retirement plan
  • I was named the top financial advisor of south Florida in 2021

Step 6. Share the plan.

Now you are going to share your process. This needs to be a 3-5 step process, ideally. Sometimes, your industry might have legal requirement that make the process more than 3-5 steps, but do your best to group the steps of the process into the least amount of steps.

The reason you want to keep it to 3-5 steps is that the process can be daunting and intimidating if it is perceived to be too laborious. You want the prospect to think “oh that’s simple, I can do that.”


  • I have a 5-step process
  • We will start by outlining your goals and assembling a plan.
  • Then we will implement the plan and monitor the performance.
  • I will continue to work with you to rebalance over time based on your goals.

Step 7. Call them to action.

Our next step is to call your prospect to action. Tell them what action you want them to take to initiate the relationship.

This can be very casual and should be something that flows in the conversation.


  • It really just starts with a conversation about your goals.
  • Let’s schedule some time to hop on the phone to talk about how you want to retire.

Step 7. What are the successes?

Now we are going to paint a clear picture of the potential outcome for your prospect. We want them to see success and understand how your plan is going to solve their original problem.

You can refer back to step 1 or expand on what those items will also help them achieve.


  • Achieve financial freedom
  • Sleep well  knowing you have a plan for retirement
  • Have confidence that you will leave behind money for your family

Step 7. What are the failures?

This is where the rubber meets the road. Things might get uncomfortable,  but that’s a good thing. Now you are going to remind them what failure looks like if they don’t work with you to solve their problem.

Keep in mind, these are actual potential outcomes. When you start speaking with this level of certainty, your prospects will listen.


  • So that you don’t have to sacrifice your lifestyle in retirement
  • Regret not making a plan
  • Leave your family in a bad financial situation

Bonus: What are the false beliefs?

This is a bonus for you reading this whole article. Way to go!

One thing that will help you break through is addressing any false beliefs. These are objections people have in their head and may not verbalize to you.

If you can address these head on at the beginning, it helps your prospect open up because you are acknowledging what they are thinking without them having to say it. The reason they don’t want to say it is because they believe it to be true and they think it will offend you if they bring it up.

When you bring it up and address is it, it’s no longer an objection and removes that belief from the situation.


  • A good financial advisor costs too much money
  • It’s cheaper to do it on your own
  • You don’t need a plan until later in life

Putting it altogether.

Now that you know how to write an elevator pitch, let’s look at putting all of the components together. All you have to do now is assemble all of your talking points into a single statement. It will read something like this:

Would you like to get a clear retirement plan from someone you can trust so you can achieve financial freedom? Most people think a good financial advisor costs too much or that it's cheaper to do it on their own. But you probably don't have time to learn everything about financial planning and you probably don't know where to look for the right info. Sometimes that can leave you feeling confused, frustrated and even worried.

I get it, most of my clients started right where you are and felt the same way.

I have been a financial advisor for nearly a decade and helped hundreds of people just like you put together a retirement plan they can be confident in. In fact, I was voted the best financial advisor in 2020.

I take every client through a 7-step process that starts with outlining your goals. Then we will put together a plan and implement it. Over time, we will monitor the performance and optimize it.

It really just starts with a conversation. Let's setup a 15-min call to discuss how you want to retire.

That way you can rest easily knowing you have a plan in place for your future, you will be able to leave a legacy for your family, and you know you will be working with someone you can trust.

And you won't have to worry about sacrificing your lifestyle at retirement, potentially putting your family in a tough financial situation, or even regretting that you didn't plan at all

It's your time to shine.

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