How to win at social media like Mr. Beast, Alex Hormozi, and Grant Cardone

A lot of business owners and marketers want to create more content.

So we get asked all the time if we can create content for clients social media accounts.

If you are a business owner or marketer looking for the same thing, the purpose of this article is to share what I have learned from the people doing social media the best. People like Mr. Beast, Alex Hormozi, and Grant Cardone.

Now if you’re wondering who those people are, then I want you to remember that after I share with you what they do to reach social media stardom.

Each of those people has millions of followers, customers, and fans around the world.

And yet, most people I talk to don’t know who they are.

Now you probably aren’t looking to become a globally recognized name.

But the reason I want to take a look at these people is because it will help put into perspective how much effort must go into social media content in order to get known.

So first let’s start from the beginning and talk about why we all want to post on social media to begin with.

Everything a business does or invests resources into is meant to drive a measurable business outcome. Usually in the form of revenue.

So we want to post on social media because we want more people to know about our companies…

We want people to think of us more often so we stay top of mind…

And we want people to consider doing business with us when they’re ready to make a purchase decision.

And so we use social media as a channel to reach our potential customers, get them to connect and follow, and we get to stay in front of them.

Can we agree that the foundational reason we bother with social media is to drive revenue?

Because if that wasn’t the reason, then we wouldn’t do it. We would redirect our resources to the other thing that we think will drive an outcome for the business.

OK, so we know why we are doing it.

Now what do we need to do?

Well, the next step is that you have to create the content and get that content seen.

This sounds simple, but this is where it gets really interesting.

First, let’s talk about where you are posting your content.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ — finding

All of these platforms have one goal: make money.

And the way they make money is two ways:

Increase usage -> consumption of content

Selling ads

So they are only going to elevate content that is really good or content that is paying-to-play.

Organic reach is dismal.

So the following you built up is really a vanity number because you likely will never reach them all again organically.

OK, so we know why we are doing social media and we know the rules of the game.

Now the question is how do you win at social media.

Remember all those famous people you don’t know?

I’m going to share with you the level of effort they put into their social media content creation

This is all publicly share info that they talk about openly, so I highly recommend studying what they say.

These people are creating more content than most of us could dream of creating.

And sometimes the preparation alone for a single piece of content is mind-blowing.

Alex Hormozi rose to fame in just the last couple of years just for his style of videos. If you’ve seen a video on social media of someone talking into the camera a “talking head” style video with yellow captions of what is being said, you can thank Alex Hormozi. He started that trend and it has been labelled a Hormozi Style Video.

Alex was creating 50 pieces of content per day in the beginning of his content journey. Today, his team is producing hundreds of pieces of content per day.

He purchased a 3-story office building which is the former UFC headquarters in Las Vegas, and he is turning it into a content studio set.

I believe he spends between $30-50k per month just on his content team’s salaries.

And remember, you’ve never heard of this guy.

Grant Cardone is very similar. He started posting YouTube videos from his phone back in 2015. By 2020, he had a global brand—in five years, he rose from obscurity to stardom in the sales and real estate space.

Similar to Alex, he spends roughly $30-50k per month on his social media team and he posts hundreds of pieces of content daily.

And most people have never heard of him.

Mr. Beast I believe is has the largest following on YouTube. I think he was offered $1B for his YouTube channel and he turned it down.

His first video that really got him know what he gave away $10k to a stranger.

Ever since, he continues to make videos where he gives away large sums of money or does extravagant pranks and contests.

These videos take months of planning and producing with a team of people. Just for one video.

And most people don’t know who he is.

Now I know not everyone desires to reach that level of notoriety.

We just want our target audience to know about us.

Our community to see us

Our prospects to follow us.

But that is the level of effort we are all up against.

And so I share this to share what I’ve learned on my journey

It has changed my perspective on what it takes to stand out is an extremely noisy space.

It’s why we typically turn down social media requests

Because we only want to produce measurable results for our clients

And doing it with organic content requires a lot of planning, a high volume of content production, and a team to of people

And as you can probably guess,

It’s requires a level of investment that most people don’t realize

Because it’s so easy to use things like canva or shoot your own videos on your phone and just post them

It can seem like a big disconnect between the investment and what we know to be social media content

But knowing the behind the scenes of what actually gets results and what goes into

For me is helpful

Now I know why that one post I made didn’t result in a flood of business

Why I’m not seeing traction after posting 2 or 3 times per week.

Because I wasn’t playing at a high enough level

I’ll leave you with one final note

One of the common false beliefs is that you can post too much.

That  you might upset your followers and you’ll lose followers.

Remember, your organic content is never going to reach all of your followers all of time.

And there is so much noise on social media that your posts are most likely getting drowned out

So don’t worry about posting too much.

You can post multiple times per day, every day, and still have room to post more.

The trick is know what to post,  how to hook your audience and keep them engaged.

But that is a topic for another article.

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