How much is this one thing costing your business

Have you ever considered how much your branding could be costing your business?

One thing I have learned in my years of experience is that a lot of the challenges that businesses face are rooted in the branding.

Let me explain.

Do any of these challenges sound familiar:

  • I wish we could get customers who are willing to pay what we are worth
  • We are creating a lot of content and marketing, but we aren’t getting more leads or customers
  • Our employee turnover is high
  • People just don’t get why they need us
  • I wish we could get clients that we want to work with

At first glance, these seem to be disparate challenges, and sometimes, they can be. But more often than not, the root cause is something deeper. Yet, something very simple.

What if I told you that there are two actions you can take right now that will help solve these problems?

Disclaimer: to fully eliminate the problems, it takes time and effort, but what I am about to share with you will change how you perceive the problem and equip you with new tools to begin moving in the right direction.

See, most of the challenges I mention stem from the fact that most businesses don’t take the time to understand why they exist, what value they bring to customers, how this makes their customers feel, and how to communicate all of this in a succinct and methodical manner to their ideal customers.


You are getting price objections and customers do not have the budget for your products and services.


They do not see the value you bring because the messaging doesn’t speak to them. They cannot see how your product is going to solve their problem and help them achieve their goal outcome.

They do not see the value you bring because the messaging doesn’t speak to them. They cannot see how your product is going to solve their problem and help them achieve their goal outcome.

Root Cause

The brand strategy and messaging are not aligned with the target audience’s needs, challenges, and desires. There is a misalignment between what you are saying and what they want to hear and are looking for.


Go back and take a thorough look at the people in your target audience. Yes, they are people, like you and me, and they have normal lives.

The problem you are solving is creating a challenge in their personal lives. It is making them feel something that they do not want to feel.

Once you know who they are and what their lives are like, build a framework for messaging that speaks to their lives.

Use their words. Don’t talk about any part of your product or service. Only talk about their problem, how it makes them feel, how you can solve it, and what that will make them feel.

When you have clarity around your ideal customer, this becomes your brand messaging.

Your brand messaging informs how you market your product or service. It informs how your sales team sells, their talk track, and their confidence in being able to understand the customer and solve their problem.

It all ties back to your brand strategy and brand messaging. 

But most businesses skip over their brand strategy and messaging. They jump directly to brand identity, then their website, some marketing materials, and they check that box off the to do list.

But if there is one thing to consider, it is this.

If the cost of focusing on brand strategy and messaging seems high, imagine how much it could be costing your business if you have been using the wrong messaging strategy this whole time.

How many prospects have passed up your company?

How many missed sales have there been?

How many customers have been lost?

How many employees have struggled to find success because they were ill equipped and so they moved on to another job?

How many sleepless nights has this created for you?

How many meetings and brainstorming sessions have been wasted trying to solve these problems?

Two actions you can take right now that will put you on a path to success:

  • Revisit your brand strategy and answer these questions:
    • Why do we exist?
    • What problem do we solve?
    • Who is our ideal customer?
    • What are their challenges (how do they say it to themselves)?
    • How does it make them feel?
  • Develop a brand messaging that speaks to:
    • The problem you are solving
    • The challenges you help overcome
    • The emotions you are eliminating
    • The outcomes you help achieve
    • The emotions associated with the outcomes

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